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Devising a compelling identity for an ICO that works for people, planet, and profit

Rewatt brand signature by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Rewatt naming process by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Rewatt, an ICO token, was conceptualized to produce long-term value through distributed solar energy projects and optimized cryptocurrency mining while generating profitable dividends for all the token-holders. The management board of Rewatt aimed to make it one of the longest lasting businesses in the ICO ecosystem, by getting the investors who were not even from the 'Blockchain Technology' sector on board. At this point, they decided to partner with the Slangbusters.

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Clarifying Vision
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Brand Strategy
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Rewatt naming process by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Powering an identity from square one

The team of Rewatt met with the Slangbusters with just the concept on paper. We worked closely with them for the next several months to convert their plan into a trustworthy ICO.

Through several elongated discussions with the Rewatt management, we figured out few of their primary concerns. First, the concept behind Rewatt was too good to be true, especially at a time where a significant chunk of ICOs was turning out to be fraud. Second, Rewatt was the first ICO getting launched in the energy sector. And third, they wanted to create a balance between the features they were going to provide.

9 hours of brand identity discussion by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Rewatt brand brief by Slangbusters Branding Studio

ICO for People, Planet and Profit

The Slangbusters recognized the competitive advantages of Rewatt and figured out the way to build trust for the brand.  Given the features of Rewatt and the vision of the management, we proposed to position them as "The only ICO that works for People, Planet and Profit" as part of the brand strategy. Now they needed a sturdy and trustworthy name and identity.

Rewatt naming shortlisting process by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Rewatt naming process by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Rethink. Renew. Recollect.

We generated around 140 names through our naming process and presented 7 to the management. Finally, "Rewatt" emerged as the winner. The name REWATT was derived from the word 'WATT', the unit of power, and applying the prefix 'RE' to reveal the feature of renewable energy. A mighty and staunch name like Rewatt was precisely what this ICO needed to prove the honesty and loyalty to the token-holders.

Rewatt brand vision by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Rewatt brandmark by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Through the design identity, our designers needed to display the power, strength, and trust that Rewatt stood for. We chose to play with the E to create an illusion of a charged battery. We used the Montserrat typeface since it was inspired by the urban development of the island of Montserrat and reflected the shift that Rewatt was bringing with it.

Rewatt identity color system by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Rewatt identity color system by Slangbusters Branding Studio

“Rewatt was one of those projects where we weren’t too sure of the direction we had taken. But after working with Slangbusters, we had a clear direction internally and a robust business strategy to go ahead with. The visual identity was an add-on for us.”

- Ravi Patel, Founder, Rewatt

Rewatt identity by Slangbusters Branding Studio

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