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Cryptex Live

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Revamping the visual identity and repositioning World's First TrueUSD based Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptex identity before/after comparision by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Cryptex brand identity by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Cryptex Live was launched in 2016 with an idea to create a stable cryptocurrency exchange for the digital currency market. After its rapid growth in the beginning, the management of Cryptex realized that the website no longer reflected the eminence it had in the cryptocurrency market. They were looking for a partner who could help them lead the market. That's where the Slangbusters came in.

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Instability of the cryptocurrency market and indistinguishable digital identities of the cryptocurrency exchanges

With bitcoin's value dropping as much as 60% in the first quarter of  2018, there was a lot of distrust in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to this, all the cryptocurrency exchanges had a similar look and feel which did not allow Cryptex to stand on its own.

Cryptex brand identity process by Slangbusters Branding Studio

After studying the market and the competitors, we realized how different Cryptex was and what needed to be done in order to exhibit the uniqueness.

14 hours of brand identity discussion by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Through a number of meetings with the management of Cryptex, we realized that Cryptex had a significant advantage over all the other cryptocurrency exchange. We just had to point it out.

Stable coin. Stable identity.

We discovered that Cryptex Live was the only trading platform that facilitated cryptocurrency exchange with TrueUSD pairings. US Dollars back TrueUSD and hence the trades on Cryptex are comparatively stable. So, as a part of the solution, Slangbusters decided to revamp the visual identity of Cryptex and position them as 'World's First TrueUSD based Cryptocurrency Exchange'.

Cryptex brand vision by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Our designers commenced working on the visual identity of Cryptex. 'Cryptex' stands for a portable vault used to hide a secret message and our designers decided to reflect this in the new identity. The mark was designed with the thought of displaying the opposing arrows between which the password is entered. The logotype and the mark were built on the same idea.

Cryptex identity system by Slangbusters Branding Studio

Gradients of orange and purple were chosen to exhibit the stability, freedom, and ambition that Cryptex stood for. Poppins was the chosen typeface since it is the modern equivalent of Helvetica without the historical baggage of being too generic. This typeface, created by the Indian type foundry, has a sense of timelessness and ubiquity to it. And this is precisely what Cryptex's logotype needed to reflect.

Cryptex identity system process by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Cryptex website custom ticker design by Slangbusters Branding Studio

This newly designed identity was reflected throughout the website. For the website, we applied bold typography and imagery to gain the attention and establish the trust between the exchange and a new user. We created a custom ticker for the website as per the new design identity to display 24-hour high, 24-hour low, current price and the percentage change.

Cryptex website design by Slangbusters Branding Studio
Cryptex website design by Slangbusters Branding Studio

This improved identity helped Cryptex gain the trust of the customers and it was able to stand apart from all the other exchanges available in the market.

“Only after partnering with Slangbusters, we realized what exactly we were lacking and how seriously Cryptex needed a visual uplift. Although we had a good strategy, it was not reflected as strongly. Slangbusters helped us position Cryptex as an active leader in the category of cryptocurrency exchanges and gave a fresh visual identity that was relevant in the marketplace.”

Nikhil Patel, CEO, Cryptex Live

Cryptex website ticker design by Slangbusters Branding Studio

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