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A fresh identity for World's first TrueUSD based cryptocurrency exchange.

When Cryptex reached us, it was Cryptex Live, aiming at creating a stable exchange for the digital cryptocurrency market. It was still growing in the market but they also realized that they were not able to reflect their market superiority in their communication, their website and overall identity. They wanted to lead the market and with branding, stay at the top.

The bitcoin bubble had burst thrice and its value had dropped up to 65%. All the other cryptocurrency exchanges had homogenous identities. The instability of the cryptocurrency market, along with a sea of uniform identities was creating a hurdle for Cryptex to soar through, even with a unique offering.

There was one aspect that people needed to trust the Industry now, and that was the exact provision of Cryptex. All we had to do was bring it out in the positioning and eventually, the identity:

Stable coin, Stable identity.

Upon research within Cryptex members and the industry literature, we found what Cryptex was doing was not just locally unique, it was something that was exclusive on a global level. We did not have to think much further before deciding that as the base for the positioning of the brand. 'World's First TrueUSD based Cryptocurrency Exchange'.

Our partner company, Codezeros, was involved in developing the exchange for Cryptex. They were responsible for developing a trading platform that facilitates cryptocurrency exchange with TrueUSD pairings with other cryptocurrencies. Cryptex offers TrueUSD based trading - the first verified asset-backed stablecoin that gives 1:1 parity with USD. Even we were confused with all this jargon initially. Having access to the developers also gave us a backstage pass and a deeper insight into what the brand was doing.

When it came to the visual Identity, we had to stay relevant to the industry, but stay above them, visible above the invariable bunch of identities. The word ‘cryptex’ was coined by author Dan Brown in the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and translated to a portable vault used to hide secret messages. That inspired the idea for both- the Cryptex logo and brand mark. It is an extension of the fact that Cryptex ensures safety of the client’s funds.

Shades of orange and purple were chosen for their characteristics like stability, freedom and ambition. Indian Type Foundry’s Poppins was adopted as the typeface, given it’s resemblance with the uber typeface Helvetica. While still maintaining the timeless elegance of Helvetica, poppins still had a modernity that helped it stand apart. Something that had a lot of similarities with what Cryptex was doing.

“Only after partnering with Slangbusters, we realized what exactly we were lacking and how seriously Cryptex needed a visual uplift. Although we had a good strategy, it was not reflected as strongly. Slangbusters helped us position Cryptex as an active leader in the category of cryptocurrency exchanges and gave a fresh visual identity that was relevant in the marketplace.”

-Nikhil Patel, CEO, Cryptex Live

The website was created to reflect all this and more. With bold typography and imagery, we got enough attention to have all the information through to the user and have them trust the exchange platform.

We also ideated and designed a custom ticker for the website following the new design identity to display 24-hour and low, current price and the percentage change which would help the customer make informed decisions. It also enabled more avenues for putting trust in Cryptex while it shone in the midst of other generic exchanges.

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