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Emerging Tech Company

Creating a leader for India's next technological revolution

Established in 2017, Codezeros began with a vision to work on unique ideas from all around the world in the field of emerging technology exclusively. With an ambition to lead and the thirst to innovate, Codezeros needed to get everything on point, right from the beginning, to become a leading firm in the technology sector. And that’s where Slangbusters came in.

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The clump of IT firms in India

Codezeros did not want to be a part of the clump of firms that represented the Indian ‘Information Technology’ sector to the world at that time. They wanted to stand clear of that clump.

We studied the competitors and discovered that the majority of the Indian IT firms did portray themselves as ‘state of the art’ but failed to prove it through their work. This resulted in distrust and doubts in the industry.

After conducting several rounds of close and intimate discussions with the management of Codezeros, the Slangbusters recognized the need for creating an identity that would depict the same strong vision of the management.

An identity strong enough to stand out.
An identity strong enough to lead.

After recognizing the problem, Slangbusters came up with a powerful brand strategy for Codezeros. Codezeros already had a name powerful enough to stand out. Now Codezeros needed a strong identity. An identity that would build trust, differentiate them from the IT firms with archaic methodologies and help them position themselves as the leader in India’s next technological revolution.

Our designers began working on a strong visual identity for Codezeros. For the brandmark, we picked the letter ‘Z’ from Codezeros since it breaks the two base words ‘Code’ and ‘Zeros’. The brandmark was created on the idea of a flying arrow tilted towards the northeast showing ambition and a base platform exhibiting stability to create an optical arrangement of a ‘Z’.

The Viga typeface and the color orange were selected for the tone of the visual language since they best fit the brand attributes of Codezeros.

The signature for Codezeros was created from the brandmark by selecting two different shades of the color orange to differentiate the base words ‘Code’ and ‘Zeros’. Since ‘Codezeros’ is a coined word, the chances of mispronunciations were high. So, to clarify the differentiation further, we chose to represent the word ‘Code’ with uppercase (CODE) and ‘Zeros’ with lowercase (zeros).

From the created brand identity, we shaped the voice and tone of Codezeros and helped the management align the work culture with the same vision as theirs. We then created the required touchpoints and built their website where the whole brand of Codezeros came together.

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“The Slangbusters understood the exact problem we were facing and were able to guide us through the noisy Indian IT industry. Through the meetings, they helped us understand the process of branding and kept us in the loop through each step. Slangbusters took charge and were focused on looking for solutions to the problems that either of us discovered.”

- Deep Shah, CEO, Codezeros

Confused by all these heavy words?
Slangbusters to the rescue.

We have penned down a short story for you that explains our process of branding in simple words.

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