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Building a brand that is at the epicenter of the next technological revolution.

The Blockchain journey of Codezeros began in 2017, and we joined as collaborators in 2019. The Slangbusters and Codezeros point of contact was a time when blockchain technology was not a novelty anymore. There were tonnes of innovations happening in this very new but fast-paced industry. Codezeros was not behind. Without realizing, Codezeros was contributing to this revolutionary technology and doing their bit towards a decentralized world where “trust was no longer a moot point.”

The deal was, that as great the company was, it was missing structure, an identity, a definition, and most importantly, a vision. When we tried to find a common thread, we realized, the only element that was missing was of being a brand.

A typeface for centuries.

After the ‘knowledge’ or the research phase that included multiple rounds of meetings with the founders to help us understand the firm and the director’s ideology, directly from the horse’s mouth. That gave us avenue enough raw material for the vision part.

For the ‘understanding’ or the strategy phase, we were given the task of Marie-Kondo-ing their provisions. When Codezeros found us, their clientele was defined to whoever needs blockchain technology-related service. The services they rendered ranged from Blockchain whitepaper development to any global blockchain IT solutions. We not only helped them position themselves as an idea-centric emerging blockchain technology company who is at the epicenter of the blockchain revolution.

A company that is a result of an idea, knows ideas matter.

We started with properly listing down and properly define all the services that Codezeros was providing. This helped them in not only be clear and strong at the point of sale, but also help the client navigate themself toward the solution they were looking for. It helped build a niche for the brand with respect to what precisely the client wants.

We helped them position themselves as an idea-centric emerging blockchain technology company that is at the epicenter of the blockchain revolution.

We realized that this new technology was welcomed in the tech industry with open arms, but businesses who needed blockchain tech integration were still in the bitcoin bubble. Branding blockchain needed the knowledge of blockchain and with extensive and in-depth research, we educated ourselves about what we were branding, but we had to invest in learning industry jargon. We decided that knowledge sharing in a simple, non-academic way would not only be pivotal, but necessary. This helped build trust in the brand along with a content strategy that would help establish Codezeros as the ultimate authority for blockchain technology support.

We saw, that simplification of blockchain as a technology service would not only help Codezeros in getting more business, but would also provide a platform that would be a gate to the next revolution. Because today, inventions come from good technology, but revolution comes from the best.

Each and every service was defined through various facts like the target audience, and substance was borrowed from the question, why were they providing the service. We went on to the nitty gritties by even strategizing the flow of all these services, which would mimic an ideal client’s curiosity.

We loaned the aspects that make Blockchain revolutionary and associated with the brand- Codezeros. Hence, it was not just a top blockchain company, it was a revolutionary institution that designed solutions.

By now, the substance behind the symbol was more inch-perfect. It gave us enough primal matter to build graphics upon. The identity had to reflect multifold and complex elements, but not up to the point that the semiotics were encrypted.

The red and orange symbolize the red as visually eye-catching with a hint of passion; whereas the yellow represents brightened happiness. An upward-pointing tilted arrow along with an underscore that helped perceive the symbol as the letter ‘Z’ which would also become the brandmark, rather than the conventional choice of the brand initial ‘C.’

With Codezeros, we delved into the uncharted waters of blockchain branding, positioning a technology service provider as a design-centric, inclusive and solution-focused brand. A brand whose blockchain services are custom to the want, but also designed for the need of businesses that would undergo dramatic expansion with Blockchain integration.

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