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The story of how we branded ourselves

This was probably our most challenging project. Branding your own branding studio is an extremely tough task, and we found that out the hard way.

The Slangbusters Studio came into being in 2018 in the city of Ahmedabad (India). Initially, we had projects, workspace, and people. And we all wanted to do was branding. That is when we arrived at the big question—Shouldn't we brand ourselves first? And how do we go about doing that?

When we had a look at our competitors (or at least we thought they were our competitors!), we realized that majority of branding firms were only focused on logo and designs in the name of branding. So we looked further. After searching globally, we discovered our perfect competitors and studied them carefully.

Although they were all doing some excellent work, we found a significant problem. They all communicated in a heavy corporate lingo that only a few people like CEOs and the upper management of businesses understood.

The jargons reduced the efficiency of conveying core ideas, which is what branding is all about. As a result of this, the process of branding intimated a lot of people.

This problem inspired our brand strategy. Although, we did face a lot of difficulties in the beginning since this required a lot of 'meta' discussions (branding a branding studio!). Solving this communication gap became our prime goal while simultaneously branding a business, a serviceor a product.

Throughout the process of naming the studio, we kept referring the brand strategy to bind the central idea with the name. That is how we coined the word 'Slangbusters' as a name for the studio, derived from the words 'slang' meaning 'jargons' and 'bust' meaning 'shatter'.

When it came to developing a visual identity for the studio, we desired to reflect the act of 'slang busting' visually.

We made the word 'slang' a bit tougher to read while 'busters' is strong and distinctly readable.

For the logotype, we created a custom typeface to depict the roughness and crampedness in the first half, followed by the boldness in second half through the Futura typeface. Thus, depicting the core brand strategy.

Three neon colors were chosen to represent the brand of Slangbusters because they best fit the brand attributes of the studio.

We focused on creating a culture that stayed clear of jargons while talking to the stakeholders and we have been successful in depicting the same thought through all the touchpoints as well.

During strategy meetings, we concluded that stories are the easiest way of conveying an idea and that's why we wrote a story explaining our
branding process.

That is how the studio chose to visually reflect the core brand essence and the brand of Slangbusters came into being in the over-communicated world.

Every day, we continue to bust the slangs and create timeless brands.
All at the Slangbusters studio.

Confused by all these heavy words?
Slangbusters to the rescue.

We have penned down a short story for you that explains our process of branding in simple words.

Read the story
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