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The ubiquitousness of ‘Brand’
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Reiterating the importance of bringing back truth in our industry.
Timeless VS Futuristic
Unpopular opinion: You can experiment with brand consistency
A beautiful thing.
‘Band Baja Baraat’ is a ceremony of successful pitches.
Guru from the branding lens.
Watched "Rocket Singh- Salesman of the Year" through the branding lens.
Exploring parallels between capitalism and branding
The case of yesterday-itis
The approach to branding digital products.
Over-metaphorization of brands: in search of meaning or just a clout chasing fad?
The evolution of design shows you how to learn design insightfully.
Everything a brand can be today.
Alienation of the species called clients
The difference between buying a brand and buying into a brand.
The future of corporates will be run by autodidacts, not business school graduates.
Ensuring success in pitching over video calls
The matter in the manifestos.
Branding is more primal than you think.
Where do you draw the line on a strategy that capitalizes on a crisis?
The secret to a good client-designer relationship
Does a brand name have to have meaning?
Utilize your brand identity to make better decisions
The importance of culture building in branding
Bigger the better is a wrong notion when it comes to team size
On giving a creative brief to your branding studio
Designers must inculcate the art of storytelling- the Pixar way
Dealing with complexity bias in a world full of jargon
Interactive VS Illustrative: Exploring the difference between graphic and web design
Branding and Non-Profits: a match made in heaven
A short copy about how to write good copies.
Congratulations! You found your voice. What now?
Branding Resolutions for 2020 (Part‑2)
Branding Resolutions for 2020 (Part‑1)
Big ideas that shaped branding
Branding Paradox of Innovation and Continuity
What in the world is “traction” and why does it matter?
The big brand theory
Let us look at how to look at competition
Does your brand need a brand-new avatar?
Storytelling: How brands position through narratives
How analogies rule the world.
An open letter to (the new) Facebook
Ten commandments of the branding bible: The entrepreneur's edition
What does a brand strategy consultant do?
Is it very important to create a unique brand name?
The case of Nivea cream: crème de la crème
Does a small business need branding anyways?
A mindful way of living: The designer way
What does simplifying language actually mean?
I want a bigger logo, I don’t know how!
Before investing money, invest heart
The unavoidable nature of business processes
Persuasion Games: An analysis of marketing and propaganda
We need to talk about branding in web design
How is Slangbusters different than other branding studios?
The 3 E’s of branding philosophy
Strengthen your brand with market research
What to do at work when not working
Questions entrepreneurs need to ask themselves.
Trends vs Timelessness- where does your brand stand?
A peek into the world of startup branding.
What to expect when you’re expecting a brand
Branding and graphic designing are different.
Is generic packaging the new brand?
Does a startup always have to be a tech startup?
List of questions to ask your branding partner
Where do I go to, a studio or an agency?
Were all great startups dumb ideas once?
An opinion piece on Marketing
Why brand loyalty is much more than a habit or just convenience
When to call it a business, when to call it a brand?
Instagram is the new home of the Internet
Why don’t MSMEs prioritize branding?
So… we overheard a conversation between two entrepreneurs
A glimpse into modern packaging design
Solutions and Innovations: The do’s and don’ts of the great Indian Jugaad
A comprehensive guide to mindful reading. For everyone. 📚
How to reject investors like a pro (What!? and Why?)
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Basic Money Management for Indian Millennials
A guy’s journey from faux to feminism.
A millennial’s guide to planning better
Get shit done this April Fool’s Day✔
A rough guide on polishing The Big Idea
Rebranding the concept of Idea: Thinking outside the ‘bulb.’
Branding vs Sales — How selling the brand is different than generating sales?
Let’s Google brands: Oh did I just use a brand name as a verb?
Where do Jargons go when we have said them?
Slangbusters turn MythBusters
The clear understanding of Branding, Marketing and Advertising

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