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Congratulations! You found your voice. What now? | Slangbusters Blog
Jan 24, '20

Congratulations! You found your voice. What now?

Wait, what? People spend lifetimes finding their voice and you’re saying that’s not the final destination?

Any job that involves creation needs a voice. Just like brands have to position themselves to set themselves apart, artists and creators also have to have that edge over others which makes it their USP. This includes everyone including painters, writers, photographers, interface designers, ceramic artists, illustrators, dancers… You get the drill. An artist is a brand themself.

The mistake most make after they have found their voice is that they stop.

(Artwork by Anna Haifisch on Instagram)

What are voice and tonality?

Humans have voice and tone. Based on different permutations and combinations of that voice and its tonality, humans can convey messages with added emotions, expressions, and feelings. We can interpret things from the same message by reading between the lines.

At the core, it is all sound, but the way our brains render these voices, sounds, and tones help us with understanding by using complex and layered systems of conversations and conveyance. These are some ontological processes that science talks about, we won’t. We will talk about your- individual’s or brand’s voice.

The same way we present ourselves by putting in the effort, strategizing how we present ourselves physically, verbally and otherwise, is the exact way content strategists pan out the content with a strategized voice and tonality. Having a consistent voice throughout all brand communications ensure brand alignment that will not be possible otherwise. The voice personifies the brand, helping the consumer trust it more, relate more, and indulge further.

How did it happen?

Not only saturation, but consumption too, has contributed to the epidemic of generic content constantly filling up servers and giving millions of useless search results on search engines with more keywords than content.

With so many platforms, many creators and constant connection to the internet, everyone took the opportunity to publish their work for the mass to consume. Initially, only good content soared, reached the masses, got appreciated.

Then, someone broke the formula. They found out about the workings of search engines and the focus shifted from content creation to marketing tactics, getting more ‘traction’, and creation of landing pages. Creators started luring in visitors instead of inviting them.

Still, there were creators who focused on creation and audience that made an effort in finding worthwhile content in the haystack full of SEO content.

With trial and experimentation…

And relentless creation without the fear of judgment, you gain confidence. With the feedback, you got to know what works and what doesn’t. With these endless hits on the hot iron, you perfected what has become your voice.

You have it ready. With this voice, you are confident that it will work every time. It is like a formula that when followed to the T, will give guaranteed results.

The beauty of creation is that it always has purpose. When it doesn’t, it still serves the purpose of translating visceral into visible.

But since anyone can create, you must have a voice that separates you from the rest.

Do we consciously notice voice? No.

But if you notice, brands are the extensions of people who ideated them.

If you notice mindfully, all Apple communications sound like Steve Jobs. A basecamp emailer sounds like Jason Fried.

How does this happen? No one knows. But we know Steve Jobs’ voice, we know his content. We have access to Apple’s voice. The resemblance is the voice that he was able to find, channelize and create a brand out of.

A voice at its core is having a distinctive way of thinking.

I have my voice maintained, and it works every time. What now?

Well, it seems you have life figured. You have clients that come to you looking at the case studies that you have built on this voice. People are either now admiring you and giving you work, or they are busy trying to replicate your voice to try and make it work for them. If you want to, you could be doing this for the rest of your career and lead a very successful life.

But then, what is the difference between you and

You will become a factory of the mass production of one idea, with the same product being produced. It is bound to perish unless you are proactively involved in a future with different ideas. There is a difference between a studio that handcrafts and a factory that mass produces.

The difference is experimentation.

And that is exactly what one must do once they have found their voice. In fact, just like ideas and bulbs, voice has been branded wrongfully with the intent of having to be found. Voice is not found, it is developed, created, rather by constant experimentation and practice of non-stop creation.

Why do we stop?

We love to be relatable. It is human to want to be a part of a group, to belong. Once we are in there, it is always difficult to explore the world outside the bubble. Fear stops us from being unique. You fear it because it reveals what makes you separate from the crowd. You might feel vulnerable. But what most people do not know is vulnerability is strength and that is exactly what will make your voice more powerful. No matter how cliche it sounds, do what you fear.


You found your voice? Congratulations.

Explore tonalities. Fine-tuned that? Wuhoo.

Sing for God’s sake.

Do you stop at learning to speak?

Why stop at having a voice?

Although sometimes it is okay to be out of words.

At Slangbusters, we only speak in one voice- the one without jargon, the one of understanding and inclusion. Sick of all the corporate lingo you are getting, contact us for a human conversation about branding your idea. We’ll see you in our next blog!

— by Manas, Content Strategist, Slangbusters Studio

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