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The story

It was one of those bright and shiny mornings.

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Meera.
Meera had a stroke of genius and had come up with an excellent business idea. An idea she dreamt about 24x7.

She couldn't wait to implement it.

"What do I do now? I need some professional help." thought Meera.

"Ahh wait! people often talk about this Wizard who lives in the woods who helps people convert their business ideas into successful businesses with some sort of magic" she remembered.

And so, Meera left for the woods in search of the Wizard.

Now, wizards are usually extremely tough to find.
Not this one.

Meera tracked down this Wizard in no time. She found him right in the middle of the leafy-green forest.

The Wizard was sitting on one of the branches of the banyan tree with a hat on.

It was almost as if the Wizard had been waiting for Meera to come all along.

Meera looked at the Wizard.

Wizard had a gentle smile on his face and had his eyes closed. Meera could not wait to start the conversation.

"Wizard, I have an idea!" said Meera.

"I know!" said the Wizard, opening his eyes "What can I do about that?"

"Use some of your magic?" Meera screamed.

"Haha! You are funny. It is nice to meet people who believe in magic. So tell me, what do you think I do with my magic?"

"I think you use your magic to create good designs and unique names and convert people's ideas into successful businesses."

"Ah! I would disagree there." said the Wizard with a smirk.

“Oh, then what exactly you do here?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes!" Meera was excited to see some magic.

"Alright then."

The Beginning:

Knowledge Gathering

"It all starts with an idea. Your idea. I gather a group of people. A group of professionals. We start collecting knowledge. Knowledge of everything around and related to the idea.

When I say everything, I mean everything.

The process behind the idea, people who might like the idea, people who might be implementing the same or similar idea, people or groups of people who can help you with the idea, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g."

"WHOA!" exclaimed Meera "Then?"

The Middle:

Understanding and Planning

"The next step is to understand the gathered knowledge. Derive insights from that knowledge. Through this, we will discover the essence of your business idea. We will discover the distinctiveness of your business idea.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you want to start selling ice creams.

With these insights, you will know which is your best flavor and which one you should avoid. You will know how your ice cream can be better than other ice cream sellers. You will know the trends related to ice cream consumers.

You will know where you should open up your ice cream parlor. You will know the best way to reach people.

So, by the end of this period, you will not just have an idea but a firm plan.

A plan backed by knowledge."

"Um okay. But where do you use your magic?" Meera was a bit slow.

And the thing about being slow is that you still believe in magic.

The End:


Meera was getting restless.

"Haha" chuckled the Wizard "You want to see the real magic?"


"Implement the plan.

You choose colors according to the plan. Colors which would go with the essence behind your idea.

You choose a name that would align with your idea. You choose symbols, shapes, designs, words that would help convey your idea.

You take care of every minor detail to make sure they reflect what exactly you stand for. Details that would reflect the distinctiveness and the essence of your idea. Now you are ready to go to the people with your business."

"And?" Meera got anxious.

"And that's about it. This is what I do for all the people that come to me." said the Wizard with a smile.

"But where is the magic?"

"There is no magic, Meera.

It is all about knowledge gathering, understanding, planning and implementing"

"But isn't that life?
And wait, how do you know my name is 'Meera'? I don't remember telling you that!"

"You are way smarter than I thought, Meera."


And the Wizard was gone.

A fun story right?

Now although we would like to believe that wizards exist, the one in the story doesn't. You know how? Because we created it.

You know what else we create? Brands.

And the above story reveals how exactly we create them.

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