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Watched "Rocket Singh- Salesman of the Year" through the branding lens. | Slangbusters Blog
Sep 8, '20

Watched "Rocket Singh- Salesman of the Year" through the branding lens.

We have already talked about sales VS branding in a previous blog. Here we explore sales VS service, but with a branding perspective.

Branding teams have not been popular for their relations with the sales team. Results of timeless brands take patience to translate and reflect in the ledgers. Rocket Singh is a story of how someone’s quest was at the end a process of questioning what we have accepted as reality.

What the reviews said:

I am not one who listens to the reviews to determine a good film. I can appreciate a film, as an individual; with my own life and experience. Reviews, either make a record of the feel (read: the brand) of the film or try to recommend it to become a self-proclaimed influencer. Yet, to consider both, Here are some words from the industry that function on opinions about a piece of art.

“High road in business? He takes it” says Rachel Saltz at The New York Times.

“Rocket Singh chooses to set the salesman – the dreary, quintessential common man’s profession – bang at the center of its drama and lays out the entire stage for him” says Suryadipta Guha at Film Companion

“Rocket Singh is way ahead of its time” Says a Reddit user.

The parallels in all good art

There are theories about everything we don’t understand yet. The only thing science knows that it doesn’t know enough. From the Golden ratio theory to the salience of Benford's law, things prove to be connected, yet won’t reveal too much. All arts show eerily obvious parallels. The jack of all trades, master of none is a contextless halfwit theory people trivialized. The full quote goes something like this:

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

The film story is not something to be revealed in a blog, you gotta watch it. These are those timeless classics that are not accepted easily and initially. These become popular after an entire generation reaches its herd immunity to ignorance. But we do wanna know the parallels to spot them when watching the film.

The character parallel:

We always try to find the ultimate goal of the job description that the artist will work on. It seems like building borders but it’s more like defining them. Overlaps are always there. It is cohesive rather than exclusive. Rocket Singh finds his personal hero in Spiderman who slacks off in a cubicle in the day, but by the moon, saves the city. In the film, instead of finding what else he would like to do, he tried to change an entire system. Charity begins at home.

The touchpoint parallel:

Bets favor that the film was made after a Wes Anderson marathon. The cinematographer might have recently discovered the Wes Anderson visual brand design and the grammar of art direction. As a result, he could help but feel too inspired and it has a Wes Anderson aesthetic and undertone.

The classic storyline parallel:

Almost all of the stories have reached the peak of innovation in the aspect of the plot. Shakespearean plots can be taken and reimagined a million times, but the plot, the core remains the same. There was a parallel between Ramayana and Harpreet’s (protagonist) stories. These also point at analogies that we use to explain things better at Slangbusters, but then again, a branding tool is looking at the core. What do they do at the end of the day? It is about defeating evil. This parallel clearly runs between the mythology and fiction that we are consuming.

The hints that lie around in the film as easter eggs:

You gotta wear the perspective filters to watch such films. You always do, unconsciously. Only this time you can change the perspective and gain some control over your bias.

The introduction that Gauhar Khan gives to whoever joined Rocket Sales Corp. sets both institutions apart with the vision and approach towards doing business and their strong values. Half the branding was done right then. Even though we knew what he was doing was illegal, and might even make you question your morals, we still hope it works out for Rocket Sales Corp. That is what a good brand does. It makes you want to be a part of their tribe, have their backs in times you need it.

Not only concepts of capitalism have been subtly discussed by giving the contrast with Harpreet’s innocence, but we also see and reflect the moral and ethical catharsis happening inside our minds. Theories of egoism, utilitarian theory, the theory of distributive justice, ethical leadership, virtue ethics, and much more have been explored in this film. A little birdie says there are parallels between Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and Rocket Singh. I’d have to watch the film again before I read the book. I’m sure more times you watch it, like a good book, it will tell you new things.

“Rocket Singh- Salesman of the Year” is available in India on Amazon Prime Video. Slangbusters are available to collaborate with you wherever you are on the globe. Contact us now, for a branding project, or just a coffee, no sweat.

— by Manas, Content Strategist, Slangbusters Studio

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