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Simplified supplychain and blockchain by linking them through branding.

When Ecochain contacted us, blockchain-based technology was booming, everyone wanted to integrate blockchain in their businesses as a step to transition to the future. Blockchain branding was still not a popular concept. With Ecochain, the client wanted to create the most efficient and cost-effective platform to trade fiber in global markets. They wanted to become the standard of how business is done in the textile industry. Their provision, speed, transparency, reliability, security, and accuracy.

The most rigorous and comprehensive phase of branding Ecochain was the interface design part. We were not only incharge of creating a website that looked pretty, it also served a novel function of acting as a platform for traders. It had its own subphases of strategy, mapping, ease of use, and maintaining brand salience throughout the website. We were designing an experience that would make it easy to use, and served it’s best function- to trade fiber.

Our first task was to declutter. Trading involves multiple layers of actions that don’t go in a traditionally linear or circular fashion. There’s buying involved, there’s selling involved, there’s bargaining involved, there’s pitching involved, since it is a digital platform, we had to make sure that we were not losing out on any aspect that a physical act of trade allows.

We took inspiration from the physical world. What do we use when we want to organize and declutter? Desks and drawers. Similarly, on this fiber trading platform, for various activities, we assigned various desks with single viewability to not make a user overwhelmed with multiple points of action. It is designed to guide you through the process.

We even devised an ‘Ecoview’ model that we designed which provided all necessary information available on one page. This view includes the simplified spec sheet that is followed by a step by step process that helps you trade. Through CSV uploading, the spec sheet can be loaded as easy as you do data entry. It is a lengthy process and might not get done in one sitting. Drafts can also be saved for later updation.

Icons were designed for every phase of the transaction process. Imagery helps associate action without having to read what is to be done in that process. This aims at making it even easier, almost subconscious for regular traders on the platform. The whole supply chain model was iconography along with features and transaction support.

Instead of ‘buy-sell-bid’ model, we used the ‘offer’ model to simplify the three-step process into one. You can even switch between multiple products swiftly without having to go back and forth. The true provision of this platform is that now you can trade globally. Multiple metrics for weights are also given. Measure locally, trade globally.

The processes were simplified using standard tools like the Google design sprint golden path which was then adjusted to measure. Multiple red threads were considered to create this complex yet easy user experience.

Since Ecochain is a blockchain-based trading platform, we coined a coin, the FBR or Fiber coin. This token mediates transactions, making it faster and trustable.

The Ecochain mark is a circular image that lays a founding stone for graphic language that has been followed throughout the brand’s identity. It is aimed at giving a feel of fiber, which also hints towards economy through simple elements like rounded edges. It also suggests qualities like futuristic and technological. The mark is distinctive, and conveys the futuristic technology, blockchain while still reflecting the softness of fiber. It is based on the threaded spindles of fiber, almost as if it is a lovechild of fiber and typeface. Although, the logo is not distracting and has precise outlines. It is designed to be scientific and graceful at the same time.

A custom typeface that we created using a custom-designed circular grid gave us the brand mark and signage. This typeface is not as functional for body copies, they have more of an ornamental purpose, which is why they have been used as decorative elements throughout the website to give consistency and symmetry.

Exo2 and Lato were used for the copies, where Exo2 is a contemporary geometric sans serif that precisely gives a technological and futuristic feel, while still being organic and elegant. Lato is a sleek sans serif, semi-round by design, perfectly complementing our custom typeface while it still adds the feeling of harmony, elegance, strength, and stability to the copy.

This platform does not aim at digitizing transactions, it is an extension of modern supply chain systems that are not as complicated and has the support of technology while it accelerates production lines that span continents. The textile industry was ripe enough to effectively integrate blockchain technology and blockchain is ripe enough to demand branding.

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