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Simplified supplychain and blockchain by linking them through branding.

The Ecochain logo was like a lovechild of a typeface and a spindle of thread. It is an emblem of a futuristic technology and textile.

Brandmark origin from spindles of thread

Explorations for brandmark

Designed to be intuitive

Most design thinking conducted was aimed at one issue, reducing complexity. We wanted transactions to happen with less effort than physical negotiations.

To achieve that, we focused on making the design intuitive, so that even first time users can benefit as much as repeat users.

A circular grid was created to create a custom rounded typeface that we reached at after multiple iterations.

The "eco" typeface

The Eco typeface serves an ornamental purpose throughout the brand touchpoints.

Ecochain interface introduction

"I understood the need for transparency in utility after multiple design sprints we held to map the user experience."

Akshar Dave, Interface designer

Interface user journey golden path

"Eco-view" grid for interface

Real life inspiration was taken from desks and drawers to declutter and organize better. The Ecoview simplifies and exhibits everything on a single page.

Audit statuses for spec-sheets

Spec-sheet upload process

Spec-sheet preview

The spec sheet shows every detail about the fiber in the natural reading sequence, keeping the information at hand while trading.

Artwork for "Page not found"

Email template design

Trading is not a linear process. It involves multiple layers of transactions. The interface is designed to simplify these complex phases of trade and transactions.

Search results: Card layout

Website sign-up interface

The typefaces perfectly supplements the identity with Exo2 adding a feel of geometric and futuristic element and Lato complementing the roundedness.

Typefaces used in interface: "Exo 2" and "Lato"

Interface color palette

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