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Less venting, more eventing with the brand that marries events and technology.

When the event technology industry was in the initial years of its boom, the pioneers and entrepreneurs were seen as futurists, rather than pragmatists, thinking of such advancements as too ambitious. Today, events that avoid solid tech-integration experience less to zero attendee turn-up.

In this saturated state of event tech that is usually limited to ticketing, we positioned Xference as a pioneer of an ultimate event planning and execution brand that would fulfill the needs of an event organizer.

Changing how you RSVP

Xference has enabled the event to completely move to tech automation, registration to ticketing, everything can be done via Xference for the best experience. We found this to be the unique selling point that we could bank upon.

Every phase of event planning and execution is like a piece of a bigger dominoes game. A single flick could bring down the whole event. With technology, it is possible to emit the chances of mistakes because of lesser human involvement and automation of most processes.

It doesn’t take a village, it takes only event-technology

“Event coordinator” is one of the most stressful jobs. It is literally listed in the ‘most stressful jobs’ list, in the likes of military personnel and firefighters, proving the job is not less demanding. It demands something that technology can simplify.

We started with events, why events. All of us have attended events, but we dug into how these events came into existence.

Events are powerful and undervalued. Events shape market culture. They give a competitive, clear advantage.

In our research, we found out about Walter Benjamin, a great German philosopher and cultural critic said that expos are “the sites of the pilgrimage to the commodity fetish” It is an event that is rudimentary for cultural exchange. We wanted to reflect this aspect and depth of meaning in the brand that was dedicated to events and technology. No more backstage meltdowns.

Effortlessness by design

The logo is designed in a way that it’s function is not limited to any dimension or scale. It will not lose it’s symbolic value or it’s noticeability. It depicts the most basic elements of an event- tables, chairs, and a podium and signifies networking and collaboration through these pieces of furniture.

The visual identity was strategized for its function. The signage is well-constructed with only one ascender and no descender, which results in high legibility. This feature comes handy when the brandmark and the logo are a part of event banners. It is a touchpoint-friendly mark.

With the brand identity, we wanted to give a look and feel of an expo. Innovation is at the heart of expos. This gave us the lines:
Accelerating events. Not conferences, Xferences.

Futura, the typeface of today and tomorrow, as it’s creators describe it perfectly fit the brand that provided an event technology platform.

The idea behind Xference is a brainchild of event management experts and a technology development company. This summarizes the ‘about’ section of the brand. Slangbusters helped them realize how they were trying to redefine event organization, planning and execution through simple and effective tech solutions.

Events will be seen as before Xference and after Xference.

The event industry was revolutionized with the integration of tech and Xference is branded to be the catalyst to revolutionize events by helping them transit into the tech sphere.

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