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Consciousness, not concerns: Branding an organic food and beverage company.

The approach we took while branding this project was in the lines of making organic food a part of every kitchen, by solving the concern of affordability and taste.

We found that any product that was organic fell in the category of luxury goods. Our focus was on changing the idea of food as an element of life, not sustenance.

We did not have to dig too deep, the answer for naming the brand was in the roots of Indian philosophy of food cultivation.

Satvabeej logo

Trust can’t be fabricated.
Trust is organic.

We found that Satvabeej had been innovating and had invested a lot in creating a lot of organic products, in order to expand. We helped them declutter this pile-on approach to innovation by narrowing down the focus.

We strategized according to the need of the niche in the organic food industry. We helped the target audience believe tasty and healthy can be supplementary.

The Satvabeej mark came organically to us, a mark of a sprouting 'beej', a seed that also has the brand name initial ‘S’ in it’s negative space.

Satvabeej brandmark formation

“Organic for all” was the approach that we adopted for Satvabeej. The only challenge for the strategy part was for everyone to embrace organic.

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Lifestyle alterations are a change that comes from the evolution of culture. Satvabeej is an initiative to choose organic, without compromising on expenditure and taste.

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