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Building a brand that is at the epicenter of the next technological revolution.

Codezeros was pioneering blockchain services by being a catalyst for the revolution. We helped them bank on their achievements to build the brand.

Logo explorations

The codezeros brandmark is a flying arrow and an underscore that gives a perspective of the letter ‘Z’.

Color explorations

"Orange is the new blue" — Codezeros colors

An energetic and passionate red mixed with a bright and happy yellow give a powerful Codezeros orange.

We borrowed what makes Blockchain great to determine brand attributes. Making blockchain and Codezeros synonymous to each other.

Harmonize beauty and security with motifs.

Our designers practice mindful observation to remain constantly inspired by everything around us. The aspect of trust and security was inspired from currency notes.

We then also took conscious stimulus from historical monuments that were decorated with beautiful motifs.

Motif systems exploration

These motifs were a perfect marriage of form and function with the beauty aspect of heritage monuments and the security of the symmetrical imagery.

Codezeros motif system layout

We listed down a variety of services that they gave out and helped them in defining each, to deal with precision and accuracy.

Codezeros website introduction animation

Playfair Display is a serif typeface that has lived through centuries and yet adds a touch of modernity and timelessness to the brand.

Services homepage

Technology homepage

Website footer with Glossary

Just like any blooming tech industry, blockchain grew in the mud of technical jargon. We designed a ticker that gives meaning to words.

Environmental signage

Business cards

Rubber stamp

“With Blockchain, we mean business. Slangbusters helped build a brand so good, it seems like science fiction”.

Deep Shah, CEO, Codezeros

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Creating a brand that feels as good as a belly rub.