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Creating a brand that feels as good as a belly rub.

Aleyr came to us with a name and a need. A need to change the pet industry and take it back to the pets.

We started with a few rounds of in-depth, individual interrogation of the founders of what was then, a pet care company. We questioned them pertaining to their thinking, their business, and their emotional aspects apart from a follow-up interview that was a mix of the three and more. This process helped us know where the founders are coming from, with the idea of the brand. The problem they wanted to solve in the pet industry was one they faced with their pets.

There was so much heart involved, Aleyr might have been an NGO. In the end, they wanted to be resourceful for anyone with a pet, for any type of pet need.

For research, we took into consideration the global pet-parent voice through the power of internet and YouTube, talked to some of them, talked to vets and derived two insights:

1. There cannot be enough cat videos for us to consume.
2. There was no awareness about how to give your pet the care it deserves.

This led us to position Aleyr as a brand that assists you to be a great pet parent. Not pet ownership, but per parenthood because your furry is no less important.

The unconditional love leads us to the brandmark, which we proudly refer to as the Furrmark. The idea for Furrmark came from the purest part having the pet, the face that lits up when it sees you, a symbol of unconditional love, purity, and beauty, it represents the gateway to a parent’s heart and reminds the parent of their pet. The Furrmark is personal, it is a feeling.

Technically, the Furrmark is very sound. It is highly modular in function along with emotion. It follows a special grid and the golden ratio. It underwent many iterations and follows timeless principles of great design. But most importantly, it has heart.

The whole identity was designed around being silly like a dog and sophisticated like a cat, it is an extension of the feeling of having a pet. We wanted it to be a brand that bridges the connection between the pet and the parent with knowledge and care.

Have you seen a dog chasing a bird, ever notice a cat prance upon anything that moves? Well, that phenomena gave us the Aleyr color system. The color palette is derived from the feathers of a bird. It helps us set the brand apart from other competitors in the pet industry that have not yet graduated from being blue.

The typeface Livvic was chosen to represent the brand in copies. Originally designed for an insurance company, it is a type that is quirky, but just the right amount. It is fun, yet trustworthy. It is warm, sophisticated, clear, flexible and has a lot of personality.

Aleyr is the first human-pet company.

They don’t just sell, they emote. We were also consulted for the spatial and environmental design for their brick and mortar stores. We thought that was a great idea because most pet parents prefer taking their pets for a stroll at a store, rather than having to scroll. It had to be a shopping experience for both, the pet and the parent. Hence, all the colors from the Aleyr palette were used in the store. The racks are designed to let the pets choose their own products. It is a place welcome for window shopping, for taking the pet for a stroll after that run at the dog park, or for a meet-cute for your pet.

A family of faces was designed to make a motif system of pets in different avatars and positions. This imagery of murals had unique pet personalities and expressions without any repetition of design, yet symmetrical when put together. These murals would go on to decorate folders for official Aleyr documents to the walls of the retail stores.

The brand Aleyr is wholesome, it is a brand that evokes feelings as easily as getting attached to a pet. It aims at caring for your pet as much as you do. It will be a part of the customer’s journey through a satisfied and happy pet’s life.

The brand makes you want to be a pet.

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