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Creating a brand that feels as good as a belly rub.

A pet care brand that comes from the heart and aims at assisting the pet parent give their pets what they deserve.

Explorations for Aleyr logo

Logo iterations

Aleyr had to stand out in the sea of brands that had commercialized the phenomena of pet parenthood. We tried to bring back the heart in the relationship.

Livvic typeface usage example

A typeface that can be silly as a dog and sophisticated as a cat, Livvic was adopted for its personality and functionality.

Explorations for Aleyr brandmark

The Furrmark was devised to be a representation of purity and unconditional love. It is a gateway to the pet parent’s heart.

It is a dog. It is a cat. It is the Furrmark!

Motif exploration cards

A special family of faces, of pets in their element were designed to make murals, to add personality to the brand.

These faces and figures would also be functional for iconography throughout the brand identity and its touchpoints.

Aleyr brand colors inspired by the "Scarlet tanager" bird

A dog chasing a bird and a cat prancing on a toy inspired the Aleyr color palette. It excites the pet and is fun for the pet parent.

The Brandbook was compiled as an archive of Aleyr’s vision, mission, use of identity elements and instructions. It is that homework your dog is not allowed to chew.

Brandbook Index

Contrast conditions for logo usage

Brandmark placement options

Color usages

The pet care brand that aims to be resourceful for your pet’s needs. Be the best pet parent for your furry.

Brand tagline

“Hand-drawing various elements of the brand, from the faces for the mural, to the signage, gave me an opportunity to understand identity systems before we digitized them”

-Savan Prajapati, Sketch artist

Website product page

Checkout process

A good decision is supposed to be an informed decision. The spec-sheet will help the customer with making a perfect decision to buy treats, toys and everything ‘noice’.

User profile dashboard

Products: List view

Products: 3-column view

Explorations for interface icons

The entire Iconography is hand-made, with love because that is what the brand is. It tries to depict the innumerable ways that your pet uses to woo you.

Pet profile pictures

Knowledge and care is the recipe for Aleyr.

This brand is a pursuit to bridge the care a pet deserves and the love the parent has for them.

To do this, Aleyr aims to aid the parents with both- knowledge about better care, and a platform to help with whatever the pets need.

Aleyr pet store

Motifs designed for environmental usage

As a part of the branding process, we even provided environmental design consultancy for the brick and mortar store for Aleyr.

Business cards

The whole brand was designed with heart, to reflect the feeling every pet parent has for their little furry.

"Un-pugged" concept for website 404 page

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