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The most difficult journey is the one leading to finding yourself.

Answers to "The Golden Circle" concept

What are brands if not timeless extensions of ideas that might outlast the business itself?

When we designed our branding process, we focused on positioning and brand strategy rather than focusing only on the Identity.

Brandmark explorations

Iterations to develop the brandmark design

The Slangbusters brandmark acts as a supplement to our strategy, which is to remove jargon and explain better.

Brand tagline— We explain better.

Our focus is on client inclusivity. We provide a comfortable jargon free approach so that they can be a part of their own branding process.

Service phases— Knowledge, Understanding, Action

Our branding process is a 1:1:1 mixture of research, analysis and identity.

Brand color palette

Charity begins at home. We simplified our branding process even further by explaining it in a form of a story.

Micro-animations for branding process

Through branding…

We want to build culture, design experiences, and excavate great ideas from the muck of generic identities.

Slangbusters values your ideas and takes your business as seriously as you do. We aim at changing the industry one brand at a time.

Rubber stamp for Slangbusters library

We are a studio, not an agency. Slangbusters is made up of the artists, the misfits who want to rebel against the generic. We listen without biases and we ask why.

Business cards concept

Slangbusters is not just a brand name, it is also the smallest job description for anyone who is looking for work at our studio.


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Research, Positioning, Brand Architecture, Strategy, Identity
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